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Based on 90 reviews
I cant stop wearing this bra

I have been searching for a sticky bra that won't come off when I sweat or make my boobs look weird. THIS IS IT! I am obsessed. Just for context, I have hyperhidrosis, so I always sweat a lot. This bra stays on all day, and I can barely feel it. I feel supported and free at the same time. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Gatherall Bra
Catie G.
It sticks!

If you follow the directions and read all the details, you'll love this bra. Wore for my wedding (skinny straps, backless, size D) and it held like a CHAMP.

the best hands down

I have bought a lot of covers that claim a lot of things & turned out they didn't really do many of the claims. These covers are the only ones that do what they claim to do with little upkeep. my job is extremely physical so I sweat very often throughout the day & these things? never budge. I was astounded, and they restocked very well for 2-3 wears before you have to wash them to keep reusing. honestly gonna buy a second pair. my only complaint is that the shade range needs to be extended but that's nitpicking.

Great fit and packaging!

Great fit and packaging!

Cleans and stays so sticky!

The best soap I could find that helps my nippies retain their stickiness and lasts so much longer! I will always keep buying this soap. It washes well, is so aesthetic and goes with my vibe. It is so convenient, I have traveled with it too! Love it and I just bought some as stocking stuffers for friends!

Gatherall Bra
alysha O.

I haven’t worn a traditional bra since. The bra lasts about 3-4 months. May I suggest some sort it recycle program in the future. I just hate throwing away plastic that often.. but I will continue to repurchase over and over again

Brides look no further!

I purchased an ivory, satin dress for my wedding reception that showed all my bits and pieces underneath. I tried breast tape from other brands, other nipple covers, and everything was so visible. I just about gave up.

I decided to try these nipple covers out and they WORKED! They’re practically invisible under my dress. These covers are extremely thin compared to others. If you’re a bride to be, or just not a fan of wearing bras, I definitely recommend these.

Gatherall Bra
Christina V.
So far so good!

I haven’t worn the bra out yet as I plan on using it on vacation with some backless dresses. But out of the package it’s easy to use and definitely sticks, it gives lift and some nice cleavage to my b cups and looks good under a T-shirt which is good I tried it on. Much nicer quality than other stickies that I’ve seen. Hopefully it stays on all night in humidity and with movement!

Have been using daily on vacation

I’ve been loving these and have been using daily on my tropical vacation. They completely stick on with no chance of falling off even in the water (say goodbye to those lumpy foam bathing suit cups), they’re discreet on everything except the thinnest skintight white shirts, and have totally negated the need for strapless bras on this vacation, opening up the whole world of funky strap dresses and tank tops.
My skin does sweat under them so I like to let the skin breathe and only wear them for a few hours at a time. Also I have sensitive eczema skin and they will sometimes slightly irritate my nipples. But still mostly comfortable and I continue to wear them!

I like the smell of paper soap!!

Gatherall Bra
Tien L.

I have been eyeing the silicone bra for a long time and was scared to bite the bullet. I’ve tried a few different ones and my issue is post nursing kids and lopsided boobs lol but this fixed it!!!! This is silicone tech cut? So it’s not like the older ones where it has lots of jelly. It’s thinner and It has so much support and I didn’t worry about it falling off. I was traveling all day and sweating (gross) but it stayed! I’m thinking about gifting it to my friends for Christmas.

Do I even have nipples anymore?

These covers are so seamless. I went out with my girlfriend for the first time in years (we’re 26 but acted like we were 21 again) and we both happened to be wearing gatherall? It was fate. They truly support the gals. You will not be disappointed!!

Gatherall Bra
Dorie M.
It worked!

Bought it for a trip to Mexico for a wedding. Wore it one night dancing and it was supportive. I also wore it again to a wedding and it was seamless on the dress and kept the girls happy. I was skeptical but it worked for me. I wear a C cup and bought a D size. I would recommend it

Gatherall Bra
Candice C.V.
Best Sticky Bra EVER / 34D

These type of bras have never really worked on me until Gatherall. I sized down to a C cup. I can now wear the strappy and backless tops/dresses I’ve always wanted to but ever could. I even wear it with regular tanks sometimes so that no bra straps show and no back bulging. I wore this for an entire day and night in NYC in the middle of Summer and it stuck on and supported me for 18 hours!

Gatherall Bra
AnJeanette B.
Exceeded my expectations

I have a larger bust so I don’t ever go bra less. And I hate strapless bras because they are so uncomfortable. I got the gather all to wear with a strapless dress and it exceeded my expectations. It supported me while feeling like I wasn’t wearing anything. Now I’m able to wear strapless, backless, and spaghetti strap tops without worrying about an uncomfortable bra. It’s a game changer for sure.

It Sticks!

Love the fact that I don’t have to keep adjusting. It stayed on for the entire time. I only wish I bought a B being that I just had a baby and the A cup (which is my true size) runs smaller than expected.

The best !

Love this company and everything they make ❤️

Best ever

This is the best strapless because it doesn't bind and stays put. I just think it's better than my normal bras.

Gatherall Bra
Erica B.
great strapless bra!

A friend recommended this bra and I caught it while it was on sale - and I'm so glad I did! It worked amazingly as a strapless bra!! *huge sigh of relief* because I no longer will be yanking up a strapless bra that is falling! It stayed up great, provided perfect support and gave some great cleavage too. 100% happy I bought this!

Gatherall Bra
Yaqin W.
Best bra ever!

Literally the best thing I’ve ever spent on! I would highly recommend. My skin is usually pretty sensitive to sticky bras and I have no problem with Gatherall Bra (of course keep it nice and clean daily is a must). I literally wear this bra everyday!

Best for small boobs!

Gave me the cleavage I never thought I had.

Gatherall Bra
Tanita M.

Gatherall Bra

THE bra

this has been such an incredible bra and has solved all of my backless shirt/dress problems. I am impressed with how long it has lasted thus far!

Gatherall Bra
Lindsay C.
Wish I had bought it sooner

I love this product and wish I had bought it sooner. It's so comfortable, stays put alllll day, looks great under any top, and moves my wide-set breasts into the middle comfortably. I've been wearing it everyday and wondering if I need to stock up on them because I would be devastated if they stopped sticking or were out of stock. My confidence has increased ten fold and it takes the hassle out of trying to decide which uncomfortable bra to wear. Thank you for making these!

Really the best

It’s the best one I’ve ever had! Total discretion! It doesn’t matter what you wear it always fits perfect. Every time!


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