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The best!

These are the best no-show nipple covers ever! I've tried so many different brands and none of those worked, they would always show under my shirt. These Gatherall nipple covers blend in seamlessly almost like second skin and I've had no issues with them.


Never realized how useful these could be! So glad to have finally made the decision to get them.

The Best EVER 💞

It no exaggeration to say these are the BEST Nipple covers on the market. As someone with petite b-cup breasts, I often skip the bra and resort to nipple covers. The cheap, reusable silicones often protrude through thin fabrics. The single-use ones are often too harsh for my skin and sometimes leave marks that last for days. The Gatherall Nipple Covers stick well without leaving any marks on my skin. They provide this magical flat, seamless finish that honestly I couldn’t even believe until I tried it with my thinest/white/backless tops. You can’t tell I’m wearing them whatsoever. I had to leave a review because I am so impressed and will never get another nipple cover again. Thank you Gatherall for this holy grail!

Gatherall Bra
Alisa N.

finally can wear the things i want to wear and not fee insecure!!

Gatherall Bra
Gyde M.
Gatherall Bra

I was truly impressed with its performance and am glad I followed your size recommendation. As this was my first ever experience, I will readily own my initial difficulties in plastering it on. It took multiple attempts with constant comparisons between my work and the pictures you provided.

Gatherall Bra
Naweeya S.

Gatherall Bra

Very impressed!

I bought this for my wedding dress. While the center joining bit was still visible, and therfore not the fit for my dress, I've worn it now 4 other times for tops and dresses with back or shoulder details.

I've usually used nipple covers for these types of outfits in the past, but I appreciate the slight shaping that the gather bra gives me. I also can't believe how well it stays put!!

Just like they said.

I am very pleased with this product and will tell others about the nipple covers. There was no surprise it was as simple and as perfect as they had been advertised.

Gatherall Bra
Celeste P.
Finally found a sticky bra that works

I finally used the gatherall bra this week to an event and I was impressed. I’ve tried a countless amount of sticky bras and I’ve finally found the one. I forgot I even had a bra on, it gave me the right amount of support and cleavage, no issues with sweating. I 100% recommend, you won’t regret it.

Works for me

I ordered the black nipple covers and the soap. I recommend to get the soap paper if you buy their products. For me, I use the nipple covers for school. I am in the medical field with heart specialty. The students need access to the chest for practice exams and these covers offer me more privacy feel with my peers. The covers are also great to smooth out the nipples under garments like tank tops so the top can be worn with modesty/professionalism. I use them often and they last for multiple uses. My first pair I used about 26 times 4 hours at a time before I replaced. You know when to replace when the stick part starts rubbing off and looking bad. If you drop them where they can get dirt, the dirt will stick. You can gently wash to see what comes off but don’t rub hard. It will not all come off. So careful to not drop them. In my case mine were drying on the counter when my cat accidentally stepped on one. This caused the cat to lift his paw and fling it on the ground upside down. So careful to pick a place out of way from cats:). I keep the plastic they come with and slide them back into the nice case. Company is good.

Gatherall Bra
Hanna Z.

This thing is magic and life changing!! Definitely a new wardrobe staple!

My fav nip covers!

I got the A cups and they fit perfectly! I’m so impressed with these nip covers, they are durable, sticky, and easy to remove. My favorite thing abot them is that they are completely opaque but still a flexible, silicone material. Perfect if you have darker colored nips. Will be a returning customer!

Gatherall Bra
Diana E.
Love it

After trying about 4 other backless+strapless bras for my wedding dress, this one is the winner! So comfortable and doesn’t feel like it’s gonna fall off.

Gatherall Bra
Samantha E.

I’m all in for this thing! So comfy and fits like a glove. Best sticky bra I’ve ever used!!!

Gatherall Bra
Harriet R.
Totally works!

I was at a wedding getting ready with the other bridesmaids. We were comparing boob solutions and this one won. They all wanted one.

Hate bras

I hate wearing a bra. These are the best covers I’ve ever worn.

Gatherall Bra
Kate H.
Really excited about this!

I'm really excited about my new Gatherall bra! I've only tried it on once when I first received it, but I loved the hold it gave me!! I also loved the packaging it came in- excited to wear it a lot in summertime!! :D thanks for making a great product, Gatherall!

Gatherall Bra
Justine S.
The best! Worth, every penny!

I bought these for vacation because I planned to bring some outfits for warmer weather that were either strapless or backless. These held up, amazingly! Even in humid weather, where I was sweaty, dancing, wearing them all night long! They never fell off, they held my saggy mom boobs, perked up and in place! I’ve washed them multiple times already and dried them, they never lost their stickiness!

Gatherall Bra
Lauren H.
Favorite Sticky Bra! (B Cup)

Love the thin design and ended up getting it in 2 colors.

Gatherall Bra
Juliana F.
Love it!

I’ve tried many “invisible bras” before and this is definitely THE BEST!
I’d order a size bigger. I’m a 34B and thought size B was a bit small, but I’m still wearing it fine.

Am I about to burn all my other bras?

I'm on a quest to wear a backless dress, and after being traumatized by a cheaper but super-icky adhesive bra with serious chicken cutlet vibes, I decided to bite the bullet and go for Gatherall. Let me tell you: it's obvious this brand is by and for women. Not only is it way easier to put on, but it looks and feels sleek and sexy. I even get a little cleavage, which is something I've never been able to achieve, even with an underwire bra. I'm currently wearing it under a white t-shirt, and getting no quadriboob, no nipples, no straps, just sweet sweet freedom. I may never wear a "real" bra ever again. Ordered a C and found it runs true-to-size.

Gatherall Bra
Melissa M.
Best no straps/back bra!

I am a 34DDD and have never found a strapless or sticky bra that fit properly, stayed in place and/or was comfortable. This bra was even better than I hoped! Easy to put on/take off and help my girls in all night! Worth it!

Gatherall Bra
Elizabeth R.
Promises kept!

This baby held up my D-cups perfectly despite dancing all night on New Years Eve! SOLD!

Fits like a glove/DD cup

I'm absolutely in love with this bra!
The form is perfect for my breast and it does not show over my clothes. My favorite part is that it keeps my breast together all day. I've been looking for a bra like this for a LONG TIME. Totally worth the price.

Gatherall Bra
Tiffany V.
Best Adhesive bra ever!!

Absolutely loved this bra and now I’m ordering it in black! It’s a must have I ordered a C cup and it’s true to size.


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