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How to gather


Cleanse and dry your breasts to make it a smooth start. No lotion, body oil, or tanning product.



Collect the plastic film from the bra and place it back in the tube. You’ll need it again.


Correct means that the cup size letter (located at the center inside of the bra) will face upwards when you place it on. 



Cover your bases by placing the round circles nipple protectors in each cup where your nipples will be, closer to the center of the bra. 


Cup the bra in your hand and press firmly. Make sure to place nipple closer to the center of the bra (not center of individual cups) Stick the bra on one side of the breast, pull the bra up to lift the breast and stick the cup on the other breast while gathering the breasts inward. Imagine the left breast holding the right breast up :)

*Make sure not to scoop from the bottom of the breasts but apply the bra straight on*

Want extra cleavage? Place your nipples towards the thicker, inner part of the cup. Remember this bra is not meant to cover your underboob.

Stick, lift, gather, stick! 


Top it off with the style that makes you, you. You’ve always got our support.


Close out your cup time by peeling it off and placing the plastic film back on it.


Click here to watch how to gather video



Care Instructions

Take care of what you put on your body.

Gatherall paper soap makes the bra and nipple covers easy to clean. Simply pull out a couple inches of the soap roll with dry hands, add a little water to make it foamy, and cleanse your cup.

Leave the bra out to hang dry, smooth the plastic film back on, roll it up into the tube.

Whenever you need support, I’ll be right here.

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