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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Returns

  • Where do you ship from?

    We are based in NYC and ship orders out of our New Jersey warehouse.

  • How long does it take to receive my order?

    Our standard ordering processing window is 1-3 business days. Kindly factor in this time when choosing your shipping service level. A courier’s estimated delivery time frame is only effective after the order has been processed and
    the shipment leaves our warehouse. Within the U.S, USPS Ground
    Advantage takes approximately 2-5 business days and USPS Priority, 1-3 business days. All orders that are placed after 12pm est. will be shipped the following business day. We do not ship orders on weekends or national holidays.

  • What if I need expedited delivery?

    We offer a variety of expedited shipping options on the check out page for faster delivery. Please note that we do have an order processing window of 1-3 business days and UPS and USPS only pick up on weekdays before 4pm est.

  • Do you ship outside of the US?

    Yes! We ship worldwide. Please note that the customer will be responsible for import duties and shipping fee.

  • What if I input the wrong shipping address?

    We are not responsible for missing packages due to incorrect shipping
    addresses. Please review your contact information before finalizing your order. In the case that you do reach out to us after the fact, we cannot guarantee your address will be updated before order processing.

  • I didn’t get my package. What can I do?

    When you place your order, multiple email confirmations are sent throughout the fulfillment process. Kindly make sure to input a valid email address when placing your order so that you are informed and aware of your shipment’s progress. We cannot provide assistance for lost shipments outside of our 14-day return and exchange window.

  • Can I return my order?

    Please contact us at with your order number for information on returns, exchanges, and/or refunds.

    Important: Due to the adhesive nature of our products, we follow a strict hygiene policy, only accepting returns on a case by case basis within 14 days of receiving
    the shipment. Please note that a $15.00 refund processing fee will be deducted for all accepted return items. Kindly return the product within 7 days after the return label has been issued. Items returned to us without return authorization
    will not be refunded. We only accept one-time exchange per item/ order.

    No exchanges or returns for nipple covers, nipple protector sets and paper soap.

    No exchanges or returns for international orders.

Product Care & Application

  • Can Gatherall products be machine washed?

    All of our products are hand washed only. We recommend using Gatherall
    Paper Soap. Dissolve the soap completely before applying to the product and use only gentle rubbing motions when cleansing the adhesive. Harsh scrubbing will damage the adhesive. Rinse with warm water and air-dry only.

  • Do I have to wash Gatherall products after every use?

    You can wash the product after several uses or when the adhesive becomes less sticky due to dust, lint, and dry skin.

  • How many uses do I get from Gatherall products?

    Our estimate is up to 30 uses. However, the actual usage varies by person depending on body chemistry and product care.

  • My Gatherall is no longer sticky. What can I do?

    Proper storage and periodic cleansing is important to prolonging product life. Also, pressing and holding the product to warm up the adhesive will provide a firmer grip.

  • Do I have to wear tight fitting clothing only?

    Because our products have a strong adhesive, it is not necessary to only
    wear them with tight fitting tops. However, you may feel more secure with a tighter fit.

  • Can I wear Gatherall products underwater?

    Yes! Our products are waterproof and provide a great solution for unlined swimwear and sportswear.

  • Can I wear Gatherall products while breastfeeding?

    Our products are 100% silicone to ensure they are waterproof and
    sweatproof. Breastfeeding mothers should take this into consideration before purchasing. They do not absorb moisture.

  • Does Gatherall bra provide lift?

    Gatherall bra is a strapless bra. Because we do not have shoulder straps, we cannot promise the kind of support expected from a conventional pushup bra.
    However, our application technique of lifting and gathering when applying the bra can provide a few inches of lift, depending on cup size. Please see our how-to-apply video for guidance (link here). Remember, do not scoop your breasts into the bra from the bottom, as your breasts will spill over the top of the bra. Apply the bra straight on. Make sure the bra is upright by referring to the size, marked on the inner center of the bra.

  • Can Gatherall products be reapplied after sweating?

    The key to a secure application is applying the bra or nipple covers to clean, dry skin. Kindly make sure the products are applied after cleansing and completely drying your breasts. Remember, no lotions, body oils, or tanning products prior to applying the bra.

  • Does Gatherall enhance cleavage for smaller cup sizes?

    Gatherall bra does not have push-up padding. The amount of cleavage created when gathering depends on your natural breast volume. For smaller cup sizes, it is important to not “over-gather.” The bra should adhere to breast tissue only and you should not feel your skin stretching on your sides or back.If the bra is applied to the sides of the torso or you gather too much, the edges of the bra will slowly peel as your body moves throughout the day.

    Pro Tip: Apply the bra, then do a couple big stretches to make sure you do not feel any peeling. If you do, move the sides of the bra more inward.

  • Why does my skin pucker when I put on the bra?

    If you see your skin wrinkling, insert your index finger into the center of the bra and run your finger outwards to smooth the skin and separate the breasts.

  • My skin got red and itchy after wearing the bra. Is this an allergic reaction?

    Our adhesive has been dermatologist tested to be skin-safe, non-toxic, and latex-free. Irritation can occur when sweat gathers inside the product during
    prolonged use. Start off by wearing Gatherall items for a couple hours a day to test your skin’s reaction to adhesive products. If you experience redness or itching, discontinue use and do not scratch.

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