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Gathering all shapes in our GATHERALL bra

What happens when women gather? We support each other. That’s what this GATHERALL bra will do for your breasts. Patented adhesive silicone bra that gives you strapless, backless, wireless, washable, reusable more than 30+ times, and flexible support. We're here to uplift women of all naturally beautiful shapes and sizes.

We are stronger when we gather.

Made by women, for women.

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"U.S. patent-pending revolutionary backless, strapless, adhesive silicone bra that actually stays put" - People Magazine

Gatherall's evolutionary backless, strapless adhesive bra is your perfect summer wardrobe staple. - Forbes

"The practical solution to all the backless tops and dresses you've been dying to wear this summer" - BYRDIE

"Best Strapless Bras That Will Actually Stay Put" - Oprah Daily

Best nipple covers and invisible bra to solve all your outfit dilemmas. - Glamour Magazine

"Best sticky bra for different body types" - Well+Good

"Gatherall's reusable adhesive bra is literally a lifesaver!" - WHO WHAT WEAR.

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Gatherall Bra

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*Compare your regular bra size with our size chart below* Gatherall bra is more than a bra - it’s a reusable and washable adhesive silicone bra that gives you strapless, backless, wireless, washable, reusable and flexible support. Here to uplift breasts and women of all naturally beautiful shapes and sizes. 

Size chart

Find your Gatherall size below. Match your regular bra size to find the right cup size for you. 

Note* The bra is not meant to cover your whole breasts. 

Need help finding your size?

Contact us at

How to gather


Cleanse and dry your breasts to make it a smooth start. No lotion needed.


Collect the plastic film from the bra and place it back in the tube. You’ll need it again.


Correct means that the cup size letter will face upwards when you place it on. 


Cover your bases by placing the round circles in each cup where your nipples will be.  


Cup the bra in your hand and press firmly from the outer edges inward. Want extra cleavage? Place your nipples towards the thicker, inner part of the cup. Remember this bra is not meant to cover your underboob.


Top it off with the style that makes you, you. You’ve always got our support.


Close out your cup time by peeling it off and placing the plastic film back on it.


Care Instructions

Take care of what you put on your body.

The Gatherall antibacterial soap makes it easy to clean your bra. Simply pull out 2 inches of the soap roll, add a little water to make it foamy, and cleanse your cup.

Leave the bra out to hang dry, smooth the plastic film back on, roll it up, and place back in the tube.


Whenever you need support, I’ll be right here.


Gather with us any time at

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Alisa N.

finally can wear the things i want to wear and not fee insecure!!

Gyde M.
Gatherall Bra

I was truly impressed with its performance and am glad I followed your size recommendation. As this was my first ever experience, I will readily own my initial difficulties in plastering it on. It took multiple attempts with constant comparisons between my work and the pictures you provided.

Naweeya S.

Gatherall Bra

Very impressed!

I bought this for my wedding dress. While the center joining bit was still visible, and therfore not the fit for my dress, I've worn it now 4 other times for tops and dresses with back or shoulder details.

I've usually used nipple covers for these types of outfits in the past, but I appreciate the slight shaping that the gather bra gives me. I also can't believe how well it stays put!!

Celeste P.
Finally found a sticky bra that works

I finally used the gatherall bra this week to an event and I was impressed. I’ve tried a countless amount of sticky bras and I’ve finally found the one. I forgot I even had a bra on, it gave me the right amount of support and cleavage, no issues with sweating. I 100% recommend, you won’t regret it.


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