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Zoom Gatherall Nipple Covers
Zoom Gatherall Nipple Covers
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Gatherall Nipple Covers

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Ultra thin adhesive solid silicone nipple covers with tapered edge technology to stay flushed to your skin and seamless under your clothes.

- 100% opaque & no-show.

- 8cm diameter with tapered edge.

- Waterproof & Sweatproof

-Seamless & Invisible under outfits.

Perfect for when you don't need that extra support.


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
The best!

These are the best no-show nipple covers ever! I've tried so many different brands and none of those worked, they would always show under my shirt. These Gatherall nipple covers blend in seamlessly almost like second skin and I've had no issues with them.

Emma H.

Never realized how useful these could be! So glad to have finally made the decision to get them.

The Best EVER 💞

It no exaggeration to say these are the BEST Nipple covers on the market. As someone with petite b-cup breasts, I often skip the bra and resort to nipple covers. The cheap, reusable silicones often protrude through thin fabrics. The single-use ones are often too harsh for my skin and sometimes leave marks that last for days. The Gatherall Nipple Covers stick well without leaving any marks on my skin. They provide this magical flat, seamless finish that honestly I couldn’t even believe until I tried it with my thinest/white/backless tops. You can’t tell I’m wearing them whatsoever. I had to leave a review because I am so impressed and will never get another nipple cover again. Thank you Gatherall for this holy grail!

Beth G.
Just like they said.

I am very pleased with this product and will tell others about the nipple covers. There was no surprise it was as simple and as perfect as they had been advertised.

Nicole J.
Works for me

I ordered the black nipple covers and the soap. I recommend to get the soap paper if you buy their products. For me, I use the nipple covers for school. I am in the medical field with heart specialty. The students need access to the chest for practice exams and these covers offer me more privacy feel with my peers. The covers are also great to smooth out the nipples under garments like tank tops so the top can be worn with modesty/professionalism. I use them often and they last for multiple uses. My first pair I used about 26 times 4 hours at a time before I replaced. You know when to replace when the stick part starts rubbing off and looking bad. If you drop them where they can get dirt, the dirt will stick. You can gently wash to see what comes off but don’t rub hard. It will not all come off. So careful to not drop them. In my case mine were drying on the counter when my cat accidentally stepped on one. This caused the cat to lift his paw and fling it on the ground upside down. So careful to pick a place out of way from cats:). I keep the plastic they come with and slide them back into the nice case. Company is good.


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